Copy Cat Games: Episode 1 – Waddling into our pasts

This week Shayla and I waddled on over to our laptops to play and discuss a favourite childhood game of ours, Club Penguin. While the original game no longer exists online today we played the closest thing we could find, Club Penguin Rewritten, a student made version of the popular game. We also discussed the game’s other past renditions and examined the different player experiences each provided. While Club Penguin Rewritten provided us with a much needed hit of nostalgia, our experience wasn’t exactly what we had anticipated. Check out our podcast on Soundcloud and we can relive our childhoods together!

On Next Weeks Episode: Shayla and Gabby talk about Moshi Monsters!

2 thoughts on “Copy Cat Games: Episode 1 – Waddling into our pasts

  1. ibbylau says:

    As someone who has never played Club Penguin before, it was very interesting to listen to you guys talking about this game. It was especially fascinating to hear Gabrielle talked about playing games while talking with friends on the landline! I used to do the same thing whilst playing games on my computer with my primary school friends and my mother would yell at me for holding the line for hours.

    I found this thread on Reddit, it was very interesting to see people speaking from different views.

    The nostalgia has hit hard this episode, love the good work guys.


  2. Jacob Beattie says:

    I played Club Penguin online when it was still available too! I agree that it was more entertaining than Club Penguin Rewritten it’s unfortunate it got taken down. I’m not sure if this is your first time doing a podcast but it was entertaining enough. I feel like the length was good, any longer and I’d say it might be a bit too long for me personally. But you managed to cover a lot of stuff in that time which was good. Maybe you can do one of the old Disney Channel games or miniclip.


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